Rental Car Insurances In Hand

Rental Car Insurances? Do you need one of this insurance? Actually, You have to consider things before getting a rental car insurance. First would be to check your personal auto policy.If you own a car, talk to your insurance agent. The same coverage and deductibles you carry on your car will apply — in most cases — to a vehicle you rent for pleasure. But be careful: If your policy provides skimpy coverage, you may need to compute the value of the loss or damage of a brand-new vehicle and decide if you need to supplement it. For example, many owners of older cars don’t always carry comprehensive coverage for accidents, fire and theft. Second would be to check your coverage by your charge card company. This can be tricky because not only does coverage vary from card to card, but it can vary based on the bank or credit company that issued the card as well. And it’s very important that you inquire about exclusions because some exotic or expensive vehicles — such as sports cars, SUVs, motor homes and motorcycles — may not be covered. And vehicles rented outside the U.S. may not be covered, either.

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~ by mirksmith on May 24, 2010.

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